“Caparazón transitorio para la creación y la espera”
(A transitional shell for creating and waiting

Sculpture in the Aquelarre exhibition at Shift Gallery.
October 6 to 23, 2005. 688 Richmond Street W., Toronto.
Medium: Japanese papers, palm fibres, jute, hemp, shells, wire and acrylic.
Approximate dimensions: 71 x 71 x 145 cm
Date: 2005

Artist Statement

This work represents the exciting moment I’m living as a new life takes shape inside of me. It speaks of this moment of transition from the role of daughter to that of mother, where not only the genes but also the culture of my ancestors flows through my body to that of a new being’s.

My body transforms itself before my eyes, taking on the same shape that the bodies of so many of my ancestors adopted before my time. Its ancestral wisdom prepares me to accomplish a primitive mission that ties me at once to the past and the future.

Wrapped in the cloth of the Caribbean culture that I wish to transmit to my daughter, I wear this matriarchal dress: a transitional shell for creating and waiting.

Taira Liceaga
10 -2005