Vaivén series

Vaivén (Sway)
Solo show at A.W.O.L. Gallery, 78 Ossington Ave. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Date: 2003
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Series of 5 acrylic paintings on linen.
Dimensions: 146 or 123 cm (W) x 121 cm (H) each

1. Suspendida en sueños (Suspended in Dreams)

2. Anudando la Hamaca (Tying Up The Hammock)

3. Balanceo Nocturno (Nocturnal Sway)

4. Trapecio de Mar (Ocean Trapeze)

5. Red Arriesgada (Risky Net)

6. Inmersa (Immersed)

Artist Statement

My work portrays women of color in uplifting ways, celebrates the mestizaje (racial and cultural mixture) of my Latin roots and explores a feminine aesthetic through the use of fabric and fibers both as medium and as imagery.

My latest series of paintings called Vaivén (Sway) depicts Latin women in Caribbean-inspired settings and with hammocks. Being a Puerto Rican artist, hammocks are very symbolic objects for me. On a personal level, they represent comfort, protection and a link to my childhood because they are where I listened to my family’s stories, where I was taught how to read and where I played. On another level, hammocks represent for me a connection to our aboriginal ancestry because they are one of the few artifacts inherited from our indigenous Taíno culture that is still in use in modern Puerto Rico.

Textiles are a constant in my artistic production. I explore a feminine artistic language through the use of fabric and fibers because traditionally, women’s creativity found a means of expression through clothes and crafts. I believe that the dual fragility and strength of textiles adequately mirrors women’s physical vulnerability and their amazing inner strength.

Taira Liceaga